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The TriCellPRP Platelet Plasma Kit is designed to be used for the safe and rapid preparation of an autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from a sample of blood at the patient’s point of care.

The TriCellPRP Kit allows the healthcare professional to produce a specific Platelet Plasma Product to meet individual patient requirements.

Depending on the kit sizes, the configuration allows for production of 1-4ml of:

  • Platelet Rich Concentrate (PRC), or
  • Platelet Lite Concentrate (PLC), or
  • Platelet Conditioned Plasma (PCP).

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Which Plasma Product
do you require?

Set the Patient Specific Buffy Density
by rotating the RBC-Chamber Cap:

Base values in Whole Blood:

A – Data from Seoul Clinical Laboratories, Medical Science Institute.

  • Platelets = 193 x10^3/µL
  • RBC = 4,65 x10^6/µL
  • WBC = 4,5 x10^3/µL
  • GF Expression (pg/µL): FGF = 59, PDGF = 674, VEGF = 24,
    TGF-ß1 = 20.878, TGF-ß2 = 2.870, TGF-ß3 = 1.509

B – Data from Ajou University Hospital:

  • Platelets = 213 x10^3/µL
Platelet Conditioned Plasma